Common Cases East Melbourne private investigator Handles

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Common Cases East Melbourne Private Investigator Handles

East Melbourne private investigator

An East Melbourne private investigator can become an invaluable asset when you need something investigated quick and quietly. At CSI Melbourne, our investigators often handle cases that cannot be handled or have not been properly handled by other professionals. These cases usually serve an important function in an individual’s life or in the corporate or justice system.

How does an East Melbourne private investigator Work?

At CSI Melbourne we have a variety of tools at our disposal to help in our investigations. We have access to special databases that enable us to carry out deep searches. Social media and other digital technologies are also a valuable source of investigative information. Our investigators may question a person’s colleagues and neighbours, and review printed and electronic documents to perform skip traces, locate assets or to uncover new information. We also carry out surveillance to keep track of a subject’s transactions and movements.

What cases can East Melbourne private investigator help you with?


This is the key reason why most people hire a private detective. People want to conduct surveillance on a target for various reasons.

Such include:

  • If he or she feels threatened by another person such as an abusive ex or a stalker.
  • In civil investigations such as insurance claim investigations.

Background Checks

As an East Melbourne private investigator, we offer background checks to businesses and individuals in the region. Background checks are mainly used for acceptance into a housing complex and for employment purposes. Individuals too may need background checks carried out on a person they are romantically involved with.

To Catch a Cheating Spouse

CSI Melbourne can help you determine whether or not your spouse is cheating. More often than not, people need proof that their partner is unfaithful before they take any action. Hiring a private investigator can help you achieve closure or help you make an informed decision.

These investigations may be followed by a civil trial such as child custody and divorce. A private investigator can help you gather relevant information that can turn the outcome of such proceedings to your favour. This can include locating hidden assets, or whether the person receiving alimony is living with a new romantic partner which could mean termination of spousal support.

Other Investigations

The East Melbourne private investigator carries out other types of investigations. Corporate investigations may investigate the loss of information or finance and how it occurred or even the legitimacy of a business partner. Other investigations may involve close scrutiny of business practices such as health and safety measures or cases of theft and employee abuse. Insurance companies also hire us to investigate the home, auto, and life insurance claims and workers’ compensation to determine the legitimacy of these claims.

Contact an East Melbourne Private Investigator

For more information about how CSI Melbourne investigators operate, get in touch right now for your free first consultation, so that we can discuss your needs. We will explain to you what we do and also establish whether our services suit your needs. Besides establishing facts, our services can help you in numerous other ways. You will get tangible reports and evidence such as video and photographs that are admissible in court. Our East Melbourne private investigator can also testify in court.

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