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broken cellphone that has no power and has crack on screen

Digital Forensics – How phone data recovery and computer forensics affects everyone

Mobile phones, smartphones, PDAs, laptops and tablet PCs are indispensable gadgets of our everyday lives. We organize appointments and contacts with them, we take photos and videos and share them with our friends and families, we write SMS, MMS and e-mails and last but not least we can store an enormous amount of data on them – including very personal ones.

Today, all you need is a simple workstation to crack the encryption of a mobile network. The necessary tools are available for almost everyone. As a result, it is easy as never before for hackers and digital spies to get access to sensitive, important and personal data. Everyone can imagine what damage the misuse of data can cause – and much worse is, that you can hardly protect against this.

Digital forensics is used both – in the private sector and in the business sector

As there are so many information stored on our digital devices it is extremely important for forensic analysis. Computer forensic and the recovery of mobile phone data can assist in the proof of criminal cases as well it is much helpful for personal reasons like private investigations or to restore data while your phone or laptop has been damaged or hacked.

Data extraction from a device is simple if the data is stored on an external medium like a SD card or on an external hard drive. In this case you only need to take the SD / memory card or the hard drive, connect it to an another computer or mobile phone and your data will be retrieved. But usually it is common that our devices are fitted with a combination of both internal and external storage to be used to save data like contacts, messages, call logs, app data, images, videos and audio. However to save and recover internal stored data is not that easy.

The safest and most recommended method to extract data from an internal memory storage is to use a professional application or program that was specially developed for this tasks.

Computer forensics and phone data recovery is getting more important

As the topic of digital forensic is getting more and more important, our high skilled experts have developed and set up high-quality systems, tools and processes to recover data for forensic purposes past the last years. Our digital forensic data recovery team can reveal evidence for different cases. Subjects include trade secret theft, commercial offenses, sexual harassment, infringement of patents and copyrights, and misappropriation. We can also uncover employee misconduct, industrial espionage, discrimination, drug smuggling, conspiracies and as well corruption. At CSI Melbourne we have the best software and the best tools to recover data which was either deliberately or unintentionally lost, damaged or deleted.