6 Domestic Investigation Strategies for Every Private Detective

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6 Parts Of A Domestic Investigation That Every Private Detective Should Utilize

An image of a girl sitting and looks suffered and scared on a man that maltreating her bad, which this man is one of her family.

If you are currently experiencing problems like abuse, fraud, or theft, you might want to get some help from an investigator and have them conduct a domestic investigation to solve your case. A domestic investigation involves different individuals and the legal problems they are facing at home. To resolve these issues, domestic investigations feature different types of inspections. These can then be used by a domestic private detective to solve any particular case. This can depend, however, on the situation they are involved in.

Listed below are six of the most common types of domestic investigation that a private investigator could use. Keep in mind that these types will depend on the case in which the person is involved.

Domestic Surveillance

If you are planning to be away from home for quite a while, installing surveillance equipment like hidden cameras or audio devices will help monitor your property and your loved ones while you’re away. Also, the photographs, video footage, or audio file that are recorded while you were out can be used as reliable evidence in court if a crime is committed within your property.

Background checks

Before you allow someone into your home, private investigators can conduct a background check to see if whether or not that person is clean and trustworthy. A comprehensive background check will look into the person’s criminal record, employment history, educational background, civil records, references, and more. This investigation will ensure that the people entering your house will not cause any trouble.

Undercover/Covert Operations

Are you suspecting your spouse to be cheating on you? Do you have a hunch that someone is using illegal substances in your home? If you are, and you want to get to the bottom of things, hire a domestic investigator now. Instead of you going undercover, these people will do it for your convenience. Domestic investigators are well-experienced in gathering information and evidence without being seen or noticed. In addition, they are also fully aware of the legal implications of conducting this type of investigation.

Computer Forensics

Most of the time, the evidence you are looking for to ultimately prove your case is on a computer or a cellphone. A domestic investigator can help you by conducting a computer forensics investigation. By doing so, they are able to collect emails or text messages, and even deleted files that are relevant to the case.

Public Records & Information Research

This investigation is most useful if you are under the following circumstances:

  • Someone is trying to blackmail you
  • You are getting stalked.
  • You need to file a restraining order.

A domestic investigator can conduct a public records investigation and find any relevant documents with valuable information. This can include criminal records, family background, and even current or previous residence. Public records and information research is a bit similar to a background check, but is more extensive, requires more effort, and will involve a lot more resources.

Finding A Missing Person

Are you looking for someone? Whatever your reason might be, whether it be because they are no longer providing child support, or you are in need of a process server, a domestic investigator can conduct a missing persons investigation for your convenience.


The domestic investigation revolves around protecting your home and your loved ones. If you are worried about the safety of your possessions of your loved ones, whatever reason it might be, a domestic investigation has all the possible detective investigation services. Hire a private investigator now! These people will be able to present evidence of any wrongdoing and work to prevent the same crime in the future.