Essential Tools for Online Private Investigations

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Three Basic Essential Tools For Proper Online Private Investigations

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The method for conducting an investigation — along with how crimes are being made —  has drastically changed over the years. Today, private investigations have completely changed due to one particular aspect. With the inclusion of the cyberspace into the equation, private investigations have changed, paving the way for a whole new method of investigation to be employed: Social Media.

The Impact of Social Media

Social media has created new new challenges that has altered how the investigations landscape is taking place. The current generation now features cybercrime and cyber abuse that are existing in many cases. Social media can be used by people to cause harm and danger, creating issues that can overwhelm both the victim and everyone related to them. However, on the other end, social media can also become an important tool in solving these problems. 

3 Basic Tools for Online Investigations

As a private investigations agency, bringing justice and restitution to the victim by capturing a criminal is critical. That is why in this article, we are going to share three online investigation tools that will be useful in your current and future investigations. These tools are the very basics when it comes to conducting online investigations and will play an important part in getting things done in solving the case.

 The main reason for relaying these base-level tools is to inform and educate some private investigators who have yet to master and familiarize the online world, or are even aware that these resource tools actually exist. Though the Australian police force is well-trained and always informed about online investigation services and tools, some police officers around the world still lack the necessary skills to make use of digital investigation practices.

Google Reverse Image Search

This tool is for the management and identification of fake accounts. The image media has been widely used these days. It is utilized mostly around the web and on every social media network. Images are used from Facebook Profile to a Twitter account. Most fake accounts feature stolen pictures to make it look authentic and original. To make sure that the image of a particular profile account you are viewing is legitimate, make use of the Google Reverse Image Search Tool. Using this tool will enable any other image that is similar or closely related be shown and displayed from all over the web.

Facebook Search

Because Facebook is continually changing their search parameters, finding people is now much easier since anyone online can be found. The most effective resource tool for finding people is Facebook Search. There are guides online that will help you in your search, along with giving knowledge of how Facebook Search works, and finally, finding and determining post keywords.

Spokeo – Social Media Tool

Private investigators should be aware that people who engage in online activities leave tracks and connections to other people that they can absolutely take advantage of. Utilizing a social media tool like Spokeo can bring relationships and people together. Spokeo behaves similarly to that of a search engine. It works to locate phone numbers, addresses, and photos. With the use of online and offline sources, it can identify any person you wish to find online.



The frontline police force needs all the help they can get to effectively manage the job of protecting people in the streets and online. These three tools serve as the very basics for conducting an online investigation. Some police members and private investigators still need skills to effectively conduct a private investigation. Let’s just hope this will finally be the year where online investigation gets prioritized a lot more.