What does a private investigator East Melbourne do?

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What does a Private Investigator East Melbourne do?

private investigator East Melbourne

Thanks to TV shows, movies, and books, when you mention the word private investigator East Melbourne or just private investigator, a stereotypical mental image comes to mind. People envision Sherlock Holmes or Sam Spade running around in dark alleys in hot pursuit of a suspect.

The myth

The investigator works from a cluttered, dimly-lit, and often smoky office located in the downtown area of the city. Thanks to his reputation to deliver, he has a lot of walk-in clients (mostly women) who need something uncovered. Typically, his job is to right a wrong or to find proof of wrongdoing. There are no lengths he won’t go to get the answers he is looking for. This includes impersonating law enforcement officers, fake identification and false pretences.

He stalks the suspects, searches buildings, takes pictures, and pays attention to every detail to get clues that others may have overlooked. Often, his curiosity and the need to get to the truth of the matter gets him in trouble. Sometimes he barely escapes with his life when he rubs shoulders with the wrong people, yet he always solves the case eventually.

Who is a private investigator East Melbourne?

In the real world, a private investigator does many things. Unlike the prevailing stereotypes, they don’t work in questionable neighbourhoods, necessarily wear fedoras, or even look heroic. However, our investigators have a knack for finding the right information through the right channels.

So, what does a private investigator East Melbourne do?

Unlike the popular myth, our private investigators always work within the law. This is especially because we cannot present evidence in court that was not legally obtained. Unlike law enforcement officers who work for the government, we work for businesses and private citizens. As such we cannot obtain a legal warrant to enter and search private property.

A private investigator East Melbourne spends a significant amount of time on a computer. You will be surprised how much information one can find in the digital spaces that can help uncover even the deepest of mysteries. Our investigators have data retrieval expertise. These digital searches can turn up social networking information, prior arrests records, personal associations, and criminal convictions.

Our private investigators also carry out surveillance in several ways. One way is going undercover to get close to the suspect. It can also include stakeouts at inconspicuous locations in order to get photographic evidence.

Who needs our services?

We often assist legal offices or corporations in fact-finding missions. For instance, we work with insurance companies to investigate someone suspected of filing a fraudulent claim. We help companies to carry out background checks on prospective employees. We also help track cyberbullies or get to the bottom of identity theft cases.

CSI Melbourne also helps catch cheating spouses. In such cases, we discreetly work with you to investigate whether your spouse is cheating or not without disturbing the peace in your relationship. In missing person cases, law enforcement officers can only investigate so far before they move on to the next case. However, a private investigator East Melbourne can continue the search further even on cold cases to find the missing person or even to help you get closure.

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