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Alexandra Debray is the founder and operator of CSI Melbourne.
Alexandra is a licensed private investigator who specialises in domestic and matrimonial matters. With a French military background and is known to be down to earth, reliable and honest.

“My belief and commitment in supporting women in a traditionally male-dominated field led myself to establish one of the few all-female Detective agencies in this city.”

Some things in life can be incredibly challenging to deal with. There are issues that may just be out of your control, and regardless of how hard you try, you may not be able to find out what you need to know.

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private investigation agency MelbourneIf you need the services of a private detective and investigator agency, it is highly likely that you are going through a serious personal or business issue that calls for expert help. Typically, people seek our CSI private investigators services when things are not going well. However, you do not have to wait until you are drowning in your problems to hire a private eye detective.

Whichever your problem or situation, our detective private eye agency works with you to establish the proof you are looking for or find the information you need to protect your family, yourself, or your business. Our Victoria detective agency are also glad to give you answers to any of your questions.

Our Private Detective and Investigator Agency Surveillance services.

Surveillance is the most frequent case that a private investigator and detective conducts. There are basically two types of surveillance. The first type is the fixed surveillance where the surveillance detective works from a specified location such as an apartment or business premises without moving. The other one is the mobile surveillance where the secret detective follows someone with the goal of gathering proof.

What makes Surveillance investigations successful?

To ensure that our private investigation Melbourne agency is successful, you need to be forthcoming and honest as possible. This means that you have to give as much information as possible to the private detective before we start the surveillance. Such information can include photos of your subject, their daily routine, any vehicles they may use, and situational information that may help in information gathering.

You also need to let our detective Melbourne agency know what you would like to achieve in your case. The bottom line is that the more the information you provide the private eye Melbourne agency, the more productive the surveillance will be. We also have a women private investigator who makes it easier to confide gender-sensitive information. To top that up, our women CSI private investigators are as good as their male counterparts when it comes to surveillance and in some instance, they do a better job.

How many private investigators do you need for the job?

CSI private investigatorsWhen looking to hire a private investigator Melbourne to conduct surveillance, you may be forced to hire more than one. This is because surveillance investigations especially the mobile ones require more than one person to do the job. Hiring two different investigators can turn out to be an expensive affair. The other problem is that you will have a challenge getting them to work together since each one has their own way of conducting investigations. This is the reason why it is recommended to work with our private detective and investigator agency Melbourne because we have enough investigators that specialise in different investigative fields. Best of all, these private investigators work as a team to ensure that the case is resolved and closed within the shortest time possible.

Why hire a CSI private investigators?

Sometimes you need to hire an experienced detective private eye or more if the circumstances call for that. In case of mobile surveillance, private detectives need cars to follow the subject around. These cars also need to be equipped with surveillance equipment such as GPS trackers, good quality cameras, long-range binoculars, crisp listening equipment among others.

So if you need thorough investigations to be carried out, you cannot gamble working with inexperienced investigators who barely have any equipment to get the job done. Our detectives have access to a wide range of resources to pull a successful surveillance job.

What can detective services Melbourne business do and can’t do?

CSI private investigators use lawful methods to carry out investigations. This means that the evidence we give you is admissible in court. We use Technology such as GPS to carry out surveillance. Our private investigators understand the law limits of use of such technology to avoid being sued for infringement of privacy.

At times, we do collaborate with the police to get to the bottom of a matter. This is one of the perks of working with a licensed private detective and investigator agency Melbourne. We mainly come in after the police officers have completed working on a case. Since the police have more than enough on their plate, they can only investigate a cold case for so long before they move on to the next. However, there are no lengths that our private detective services Melbourne won’t go to close your case.

Surveillance on private property

On the other hand, a surveillance detective does not have authorisation to interview witnesses or access private property in search of evidence. They are only allowed to conduct surveillance when an individual is in the public domain. Thus, working in conjunction with law enforcement gives us great insights about a case from the official police reports.

Where we find the truth?

CSI Melbourne The greatest source of information for a private eye detective is online information. Our detectives have honed their research skills, including searching a variety of specialized databases and official records. They have the expertise to carry out a deep web search, analyse social media accounts, dating websites and also connects the dots even with minimal information.

What makes a private investigator Melbourne good at web surveillance is that they use multiple databases to search for information. These databases are not the usual Bing and Google which have limited information. They use databases that are available online and proprietary databases as well to find the right information.

What records a PI Detective can access?

A  PI Detective can manipulate their way in accessing public financial records of an individual, they cannot access bank records. It also difficult for private investigators to access travel information such as airplane tickets or hotel reservations though it is not impossible. One other thing private eye Melbourne can’t do is to access medical records or trespass on private property while carrying out investigations.

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CSI Melbourne employs experienced and licenced investigators in the fields of background checks, infidelity investigations, employee verifications and more. Our private detective and investigator agency Melbourne agents are always ready to help you get to the bottom of your problem or situation. Contact us now for your free first consultation.

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Client Testimonials

"I am a Debt Collector & have used Alexandra on numerous occassions. She has surveilled several Debtors on my behalf. Not only is she Gorgeous but is a very focussed and results orientated Private Investigator."
Brian Murphy
South Melbourne
"We are a Queensland based Investigation agency and instruct Alexandra to conduct field investigations on our behalf with regards to serviving our National Clients Needs. Honest – Reliable and a gorgeous woman to deal with."
Stuart Wade