I am a Government Licensed & Accredited Private Investigator

“My belief and commitment in supporting women in a traditionally male-dominated field led myself to establish one of the few all-female Detective agencies in this city.”

Private Investigator Melbourne – Alexandra Debray 

Alexandra Debray is the founder and operator of CSI Melbourne.
Alexandra is a licensed private investigator who specialises in domestic and matrimonial matters. With a French military background and is known to be down to earth, reliable and honest.

“My belief and commitment in supporting women in a traditionally male-dominated field led myself to establish one of the few all-female Detective agencies in this city.”

Some things in life can be incredibly challenging to deal with. There are issues that may just be out of your control, and regardless of how hard you try, you may not be able to find out what you need to know.



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Do you feel threatened? Is your partners addiction destroying your relationship? ~ I can help.

Domestic investigation simply refers to process of avoiding the threats that lie in your own home. It involves individuals and personal issues that may end up destroying your relationship, and perhaps even lead to other issues.

Basically, domestic investigation is something that can help you avoid criminal activities in your own home, such as fraud, theft, or even your partner’s addiction.

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Is your spouse or partner cheating? Do you want proof? ~ I am the investigator for you

Matrimonial Matters

It can be hard to live with the fact that your partner is cheating on you. I know because I’ve been working as a matrimonial investigator Melbourne from around two decades now, and have worked on many cases involving matrimonial matters.

Not only that, but I’ve helped my clients find the truth. The thing is, it’s surprising how many partners think their significant other is cheating on them.

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Do you need to locate a loved one? Do you need to find someone from your past? ~ I can find them.

Missing Persons

A loved one in your life suddenly going missing can be heartbreaking. It may be incredibly difficult to come to terms with the fact that you may never be able to see them again.

Your mind just wouldn’t stop thinking about their whereabouts and whether they will ever return or not. These thoughts may keep haunting you, making it difficult for you to move on, or even achieve the required level of peace of mind you need in your life to live a full, happy life.

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Is your partner using social media to cheat? Do you want to find answers? ~ I can investigate.

Social Media Investigations

There are many reasons you may want to extract information out of someone’s social media activities. In some cases, you may be suspecting your partner of cheating on you, with the help of social media. Even if they aren’t actively using social media for cheating on you, their activities on social networks may end up revealing what they are up to.

However, that’s just one reason social media investigators are in demand nowadays. In fact, they are probably most commonly used for finding important information about an individual you’re involved with in a court case, custody battle, or as part of a background check.

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Do you need to find answers? Do you need photo or video proof? ~ I can find the evidence.


Surveillance services can be a great way to find out where an individual is going or what they are up to. It can help answer your suspicion, which can be disturbing to live with if you’re not aware of the activities of someone in your family, be it your partner or child.

Similarly, sometimes, you may feel threatened due to something, or think you’re being followed or watched. This may be especially true if you notice unusual and suspicious activity going on in your surrounding, be it near your home or workplace.

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Work Place Investigation, Not sure if your Employee is honest? ~ I can find the truth.

Work Place Investigation

Employees not following good work ethics seems to be something surprisingly common nowadays. Ranging from big MNCs to small businesses, all seem to be getting affected with employees who don’t offer the value to the company they are supposed to, or are paid for.

Having a few such employees is more than enough to take a toll on most companies’ profitability. In fact, even if you have one or two employees going against your company’s policies, it may very well lead to disastrous results.

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Client Testimonials

I am a Debt Collector & have used Alexandra on numerous occassions. She has surveilled several Debtors on my behalf. Not only is she Gorgeous but is a very focussed and results orientated Private Investigator.Brian Murphy | South Melbourne
We are a Queensland based Investigation agency and instruct Alexandra to conduct field investigations on our behalf with regards to serviving our National Clients Needs. Honest – Reliable and a gorgeous woman to deal with.Stuart Wade | Queensland

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