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What does a private investigator East Melbourne do?

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What does a Private Investigator East Melbourne do?

private investigator East Melbourne

Thanks to TV shows, movies, and books, when you mention the word private investigator East Melbourne or just private investigator, a stereotypical mental image comes to mind. People envision Sherlock Holmes or Sam Spade running around in dark alleys in hot pursuit of a suspect.

The myth

The investigator works from a cluttered, dimly-lit, and often smoky office located in the downtown area of the city. Thanks to his reputation to deliver, he has a lot of walk-in clients (mostly women) who need something uncovered. Typically, his job is to right a wrong or to find proof of wrongdoing. There are no lengths he won’t go to get the answers he is looking for. This includes impersonating law enforcement officers, fake identification and false pretences.

He stalks the suspects, searches buildings, takes pictures, and pays attention to every detail to get clues that others may have overlooked. Often, his curiosity and the need to get to the truth of the matter gets him in trouble. Sometimes he barely escapes with his life when he rubs shoulders with the wrong people, yet he always solves the case eventually.

Who is a private investigator East Melbourne?

In the real world, a private investigator does many things. Unlike the prevailing stereotypes, they don’t work in questionable neighbourhoods, necessarily wear fedoras, or even look heroic. However, our investigators have a knack for finding the right information through the right channels.

So, what does a private investigator East Melbourne do?

Unlike the popular myth, our private investigators always work within the law. This is especially because we cannot present evidence in court that was not legally obtained. Unlike law enforcement officers who work for the government, we work for businesses and private citizens. As such we cannot obtain a legal warrant to enter and search private property.

A private investigator East Melbourne spends a significant amount of time on a computer. You will be surprised how much information one can find in the digital spaces that can help uncover even the deepest of mysteries. Our investigators have data retrieval expertise. These digital searches can turn up social networking information, prior arrests records, personal associations, and criminal convictions.

Our private investigators also carry out surveillance in several ways. One way is going undercover to get close to the suspect. It can also include stakeouts at inconspicuous locations in order to get photographic evidence.

Who needs our services?

We often assist legal offices or corporations in fact-finding missions. For instance, we work with insurance companies to investigate someone suspected of filing a fraudulent claim. We help companies to carry out background checks on prospective employees. We also help track cyberbullies or get to the bottom of identity theft cases.

CSI Melbourne also helps catch cheating spouses. In such cases, we discreetly work with you to investigate whether your spouse is cheating or not without disturbing the peace in your relationship. In missing person cases, law enforcement officers can only investigate so far before they move on to the next case. However, a private investigator East Melbourne can continue the search further even on cold cases to find the missing person or even to help you get closure.

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Get your surveillance jobs Melbourne done by professionals

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Get your Surveillance Jobs Melbourne Done by Professionals

surveillance jobs Melbourne

When it comes to surveillance jobs Melbourne, hiring a private investigator is recommended. This is because they have the relevant skills and experience in modern surveillance. Surveillance, in this case, means tracking and monitoring the behaviour of a group or an individual in order to obtain details about their actions, location and typically potential illegal activity. Our CSI Melbourne office offers a wide range of surveillance service including:

  • Civil suits
  • Missing person investigations
  • Background checks
  • Investigation of illegal or strange behaviour of a loved one, a close friend, or business partner.
  • Fact-finding for information and assets admissible in court
  • Electronic surveillance of persons of interest

Surveillance Jobs Melbourne Best Private Investigator

The first step is to find a reputable private investigator. Referrals from people who have previously hired private investigator services can come in handy. You should settle for an investigator who is not only experienced but also licensed.

Our Specialties

Private investigators have different specialties. You are looking to work with a private investigator who specialises in what you intend to achieve. The benefit of working with an agency such as CSI Melbourne is that it hires professionals who specialise in various types of detective work. Our surveillance investigators, for instance, have a specific set of skills and tools to ensure thorough surveillance is conducted.

All-inclusive surveillance jobs Melbourne

Our surveillance investigators effectively gather critical information about the location and behaviours of a person under investigation. This information is legally obtained and properly documented such that it is admissible in court. Our surveillance investigators use a combination of techniques to gather relevant information about a given target.

Such techniques include:

  • GPS tracking
  • Video recording technology
  • Tailing a vehicle
  • Undercover field agents

In court settings, video surveillance technology is very useful because it offers the most definitive proof of the behaviour or actions of the target. The GPS technology also effectively helps track the movements and the location of the target enabling the investigator to gather the relevant evidence.

Undercover agents effectively watch and even interact with a target with the aim of gathering information without raising suspicion. However, if the target is careful or particularly attentive, we opt to use fewer personal methods. Our investigators also employ a combination of the above-mentioned surveillance skills to come up with concrete evidence against the target. The investigator further prepares a report which the client can present in court or use it for other purposes.

Make the most out of our Professional’s expertise

Clients come to us mainly because of our thorough understanding of the legal components of the surveillance. While clients can carry out their own investigations, having a professional personal investigator present the evidence in court carries more weight. These professionals are also capable of carrying out deep investigations using the right channels and discover more information than the client could not have gathered.

To guarantee the most successful possible investigation and avoid accusations of infringement of the target’s privacy, and, it is best to hire a reputable and licensed private investigator. If you have surveillance jobs Melbourne that need to be done, look no further than CSI Melbourne.

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Common Cases East Melbourne private investigator Handles

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Common Cases East Melbourne Private Investigator Handles

East Melbourne private investigator

An East Melbourne private investigator can become an invaluable asset when you need something investigated quick and quietly. At CSI Melbourne, our investigators often handle cases that cannot be handled or have not been properly handled by other professionals. These cases usually serve an important function in an individual’s life or in the corporate or justice system.

How does an East Melbourne private investigator Work?

At CSI Melbourne we have a variety of tools at our disposal to help in our investigations. We have access to special databases that enable us to carry out deep searches. Social media and other digital technologies are also a valuable source of investigative information. Our investigators may question a person’s colleagues and neighbours, and review printed and electronic documents to perform skip traces, locate assets or to uncover new information. We also carry out surveillance to keep track of a subject’s transactions and movements.

What cases can East Melbourne private investigator help you with?


This is the key reason why most people hire a private detective. People want to conduct surveillance on a target for various reasons.

Such include:

  • If he or she feels threatened by another person such as an abusive ex or a stalker.
  • In civil investigations such as insurance claim investigations.

Background Checks

As an East Melbourne private investigator, we offer background checks to businesses and individuals in the region. Background checks are mainly used for acceptance into a housing complex and for employment purposes. Individuals too may need background checks carried out on a person they are romantically involved with.

To Catch a Cheating Spouse

CSI Melbourne can help you determine whether or not your spouse is cheating. More often than not, people need proof that their partner is unfaithful before they take any action. Hiring a private investigator can help you achieve closure or help you make an informed decision.

These investigations may be followed by a civil trial such as child custody and divorce. A private investigator can help you gather relevant information that can turn the outcome of such proceedings to your favour. This can include locating hidden assets, or whether the person receiving alimony is living with a new romantic partner which could mean termination of spousal support.

Other Investigations

The East Melbourne private investigator carries out other types of investigations. Corporate investigations may investigate the loss of information or finance and how it occurred or even the legitimacy of a business partner. Other investigations may involve close scrutiny of business practices such as health and safety measures or cases of theft and employee abuse. Insurance companies also hire us to investigate the home, auto, and life insurance claims and workers’ compensation to determine the legitimacy of these claims.

Contact an East Melbourne Private Investigator

For more information about how CSI Melbourne investigators operate, get in touch right now for your free first consultation, so that we can discuss your needs. We will explain to you what we do and also establish whether our services suit your needs. Besides establishing facts, our services can help you in numerous other ways. You will get tangible reports and evidence such as video and photographs that are admissible in court. Our East Melbourne private investigator can also testify in court.

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Why Hire A Private Investigator To Investigate Cheating Spouse

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Why Hire A Private Investigator To Investigate A Cheating Spouse

Investigate A Cheating Spouse

There are numerous reasons why you need to hire a private investigator; to investigate a cheating spouse is one of them. If you suspect your spouse is cheating on you, it means that you have lost trust in them.

It is a time that you go through an emotional turmoil of doubt, stress, betrayal, and anger. As a result, if decide to investigate the matter yourself, you are likely to make several mistakes because you are emotional.


Is it worth to hire someone to investigate a cheating spouse?

The question many people ask is, why should I waste my money to hire a private investigator while I could do the investigation myself. I could also ask a couple of friends to help at no cost.

One crucial aspect that people in this situation often forget about, is that your suspicions could be wrong. When you investigate a cheating spouse it means, that you are prying into their personal life. This includes following them around and possibly making baseless accusations.

When you carry out the investigations by yourself, it means that the reasons not to trust your partner will increase each day. This is likely to create a bigger rift between you two. Moreover, if your partner is innocent at the case at the end of it all, your show of distrust will hurt them. This may have dire consequences including breakups, separation or divorce.

Private investigators help you gather solid evidence before you start pointing fingers. We can also quell your doubts in case we find out your spouse is not cheating without dragging your relationship through a dark experience.

Investigate cheating spouse: why hire us

Most of our client’s shop around, by interviewing a number of private investigators before they settle on the one who will carry out their investigations. Unfortunately, before most find us, they have already dealt with unscrupulous investigators, who did not give them satisfactory results.

Unfortunately, only a few investigators have the capacity to tailor each investigation to each client’s needs. Seek out a different investigator if:

  • The investigator does not offer an all-inclusive written contract that protects both parties.
  • It the investigator is trying to “slick-talk” or rather push you to make a commitment immediately. A good investigator should allow you time to go through the contract and think everything over before making a commitment.
  • The investigator keeps on calling you just as a used car salesman do after telling them that you need some time to think about it. This is not a good sign. Such an investigator is probably low on clients and thus are looking for any deal to close.
  • Be wary of investigators who offer the cheapest rates in the market. Such investigators are likely to be subcontracting the job to probationary or less experienced private investigators. They may also be desperate because they have no work.


CSI Melbourne Private Investigators

At CSI Melbourne, we work with you to establish your needs first and then come up with several ways to solve your problem or rather achieve your goals. We are candid and also help you analyse and make sense of your situation. You are the one in control, our job is to help you make an informed decision. If we establish that there is no need to investigate a cheating spouse, we advise accordingly. 


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Cheating Spouse Investigations, Should I Hire A Private Investigator?

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Cheating Spouse Investigations, Should I Hire A Private Investigator?

Cheating Spouse Investigations

Cheating spouse investigations can come in handy when you suspect your spouse is cheating on you. They will give you closure or rather end the constant fear and anxiety. Infidelity is among the leading causes of divorce. It is actually one of the most damaging and stressful things that can occur in a relationship. So, what do you do when you suspect infidelity?

Hire Cheating Spouse Investigations Professionals

In this time of pain and confusion, it is actually hard to know what to do. If you suspect that your partner is cheating on you, the last thing you want to do is to confront him or her without any evidence.

Carrying out cheating spouse investigations is usually the first idea that comes to mind. This is because you need absolute proof! The best way you achieve this is by hiring a private investigator.

Why Hire A Private Investigator?

People hire private investigators mainly for two major reasons:

  • Legal reasons
  • Personal reasons

Legal Reasons

When we prove infidelity, there is a possibility you might want to get a divorce. As such, hiring a private investigator helps you gather valuable infidelity related evidence that could tilt the outcome of divorce proceedings to your favour. Such instances include:

  • Prenuptial agreements that contain an infidelity clause that may have a huge impact on how the assets are divided in case of divorce.
  • A court may force the cheater’ to pay a financial penalty if it establishes that they spent a significant amount of marital assets on the affair.
  • Proof of infidelity sometimes has some impact on the division of assets and alimony payments.
  • Hiring a private investigator helps you avoid breaking the law as opposed to carrying out the investigations by yourself. For instance, most people infringe on their partner’s privacy, which can attract litigation.

Personal Reasons

Whether or not one intends to separate or divorce their partner, most people actually want to gather evidence of infidelity. The most common reasons why People come to CSI Melbourne for Cheating spouse investigations are:

  • They want to put to rest the fears and doubts they have about their partner. One thing for sure is that cheaters will do anything to avoid getting caught. As such, when confronted, they often manipulate you to a point of questioning your sanity.
  • In other instances, family members and friends from either or both sides may not believe your accusations. Some do undermine your efforts to find the truth, which is very painful. Hiring a private investigator helps you to prove beyond reasonable doubt that your partner is unfaithful.

CSI Melbourne Cheating Spouse Investigations

From our experience, the majority of people who suspect that their spouse is cheating often find out that their suspicions are actually true. There are other instances, however, where your suspicions are proven to be dead wrong!

If you have suspicions of a cheating spouse, we understand that it is a tough position to be in. If we prove your suspicions to be true, there is a likelihood of long-term consequences not only for you but also for the entire family. However, ignoring the problem or hoping the matter will resolve itself is not a solution. Our cheating spouse investigations will give you the closure you need and can also be a valuable asset in divorce proceedings.

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What You Should Know Before You Hire a Local Private Investigators

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What You Should Know Before You Hire a Local Private Investigators

Local Private Investigators

Seldom do we need to hire local private investigators until the need strikes. When this happens, most people are usually going through a rough patch in their life and don’t know whom to turn to.

Worse still, knowing the right private investigator to hire can be a daunting task. More often than not, we make a crapshoot decision and hope that we will land on a good private investigator. This need not be the case.

Things to Consider When Looking to Hire Local Private Investigators

If you carry out a quick search online for local private investigators, you will get a couple of million results. Hollywood movies have had us believing that great private investigators are found in dingy lit bars.

However, a great private investigator in a normal looking person who becomes what you really need them to be. They can easily fit in numerous environments and thus are hard to be noticed. So here are things to look out for before you hire.

Understand that private investigators are in business

One of the reasons why people become local private investigators is to earn a living. As such, desperate private investigators are willing to tell you anything just to close the deal. Others are just greedy. They drag the investigation for months so that they can maximize on profits.

As such, be wary of an investigator who sounds like a sale person. The ones who offer enthusiastic promises or tells you what you want to hear. Understand that in this business, there are very few absolutes thus, investigators are not in a position to offer specific outcomes.

Have an Iron clad contract

If you have decided to work with a particular investigator, you need to have a written contract that indicates the possible expected deliverables. This will hold all the parties included accountable. Avoid the private local investigators who do not offer a written contract.

What Details Should Be Included In Local Private Investigators contract?

Some things to look for in such a contract include:

  • Are the charges clear?
  • How clearly are the investigative objectives defined in the contract?
  • Are there extra charges for other services such as consultation fees, conferences, or telephone calls? In case there are no consultation costs, is there a limit to the number of such consultations?
  • Are there overtime charges, if the investigator will be working over the weekends?
  • Can you call off the investigation at any time; what are the ramifications?

The bottom line is to have a clearly written contract that delineates the rights of the parties involved. In case you feel the contract favours the investigator over you, ask for a revision of the terms. Else, you should find a different investigator.

Why we are The Best Private Investigators in the region

We understand that our business thrives on trust and results. As such, when you present us with a problem, we analyse it first before we enter into any agreement. If we find the odds of accomplishing your desired results is low, we recommend against a full-scale investigation. This, however, does not mean you should not go ahead to investigate. We just help you make an informed decision. From our experience as local private investigators, sometimes things that have had a low probability of success turned out positive.

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How Much Does a PI Cost in Melbourne?

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How Much Does a PI Cost in Melbourne?

How Much Does a PI Cost in Melbourne

How much does a PI cost in Melbourne and the surrounding areas? If you are looking for PI services, this is indeed the question you have in mind. You want to find out whether you can afford the services or not. To answer this question, there are many factors that will come into play. First, what type of service are you looking for? If you want to track a missing person from your childhood, for example, this could take a long time and probably cost more money. Also, the type of PI agency you choose will determine the overall cost. All detective agencies have their own costing policies. The good news is that you can access PI services that are affordable to give you value for every dime you spend. This article seeks to break down the cost of a PI.

How much does a PI cost? Licenses and insurance count

A proper detective agency will have the right licenses as required by law. In addition, they will have necessary covers like public liability insurance to cover risks that come with the job. All these legal requirements cost money. Therefore, the cost of a PI will take into account this expense. If you choose a private detective service with no license or insurance, you will be putting yourself at risk. In fact, this has landed many people in legal trouble over an invasion of privacy. Therefore, as much as you are looking for a good bargain, never compromise agency licensing and insurance needs. Choose a professional agency like CSI Melbourne. This detective agency is both licensed and accredited to serve you.

How much does a PI cost? High-quality equipment is not cheap

For a private detective to conduct your case professionally, they will employ high tech equipment. This includes high-quality cameras, audio devices, night vision aids, recording devices and more. This equipment costs money and therefore will determine the overall cost of a PI. Indeed, you want to work with a detective who uses cutting-edge equipment to give you clear evidence as desired. At CSI Melbourne, you can expect top-notch equipment or tools to ensure that your case is handled fast and effectively.

Experience plays a significant role

A new private detective agent might charge a little amount of money because they want to get clients fast. However, seasoned professionals will charge a fee that gives you value for money. This is because they are able to handle your case faster using their industry experience. Therefore, you will find that opting for more seasoned detectives will yield better and more cost-effective results. CSI Melbourne has years of experience and you can rest assured that every single expense is accounted for.

Every case is different

A professional detective agency will handle each case with its own merits. In light of this, you will get a customised quote. At CSI Melbourne, you can try the free consultation available. You have nothing to lose; the able detectives will look at your case and determine the most suitable quote. No matter your budget, reach out to these experts and see what they can do for you. So, how much does a PI cost? All the above factors will determine how much you spend on these services.

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Top Merits of Hiring a Private Investigator (PI) in Melbourne

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Top Merits of Hiring a Private
Investigator (PI) in Melbourne

PI Melbourne services

Life presents with many challenges and at some point, you may need to hire PI Melbourne services. A private investigator will help you make sense of your situation in a more factual manner. This professional is able to uncover hidden secrets so that you can make your life better. At the end of the day, services of a private eye enhance your life. Below is a closer look at the top benefits or merits that you will tap into when you hire PI Melbourne services.


Expert PI Melbourne services help in domestic affairs

Do you have a partner or a family member whom you suspect regarding theft, fraud and even addiction? Suspicion does not help and finding facts is the way to uncover the truth. PI Melbourne services such as those offered by CSI Melbourne will help you. The agency uses its years of experience in getting to the root of the matter. Through their expertise, you can find the truth without having to expose yourself. Discreetly, get all the answers and this will help you evade fraud, theft and even worse-case scenarios. Protect your family and friends from people who are not trustworthy or those who have ill-motives.


PI Melbourne services inform you about a cheating partner

At CSI Melbourne, you get a chance to learn the truth about suspected infidelity. Note that many spouses or partners in relationships will find out that their significant other is not cheating. This is good news. However, when your partner is indeed cheating, learning the truth is also pivotal. You are able to make a decision that will help you move on as desired. It is never easy to confirm cheating allegations but knowing is better than the opposite. At this agency, the matrimonial matters are handled with great professionalism. After you have uncovered the truth, you no longer have to carry a burden of not knowing. You can free yourself this way.


Find your missing loved one

PI Melbourne services will help you find a missing loved one. Criminals are always lurking, and, in some cases, people are abducted for a variety of reasons. In other cases, children get lost and go missing. To shoulder this burden, CSI Melbourne is one PI Melbourne agency that will act fast to find your missing person. Acting fast will help save lives and reunite families. Indeed, there is no better way to supplement the effort of looking for a missing person.


Determine the true character of your employee

In the workplace, dealing with employees comes with its own set of challenges. In many cases, it is hard to judge who is honest and who is not. Employee investigation will, therefore, help you know which employee to trust. If you are dealing with cases of theft in the office or other fraudulent dealings, CSI Melbourne will help you uncover the truth. In some cases, employees can benefit from these services by exposing employee bullying and harassment in the workplace. Both the employer and the employee have their own sets of rights. PI Melbourne services are therefore imperative.

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Private Investigator Cost in Melbourne

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Private Investigator Cost in Melbourne?

private investigator cost in Melbourne looking and searches with binoculars and looks out through Venetian blinds.


What does a private investigator cost in Melbourne? This depends on the agency you choose and the nature of your problem. You should not shy away from hiring a professional private investigator. CSI Melbourne is an excellent example. This all-female detective agency will help you get to the bottom of your problem. The agency offers a myriad of services at a tailored fair price. This article delves into the top reasons why a private investigator in Melbourne is important and the factors to consider before hiring one. You will be happy to note that CSI Melbourne provides you with a free consultation. Because every case is unique, you will get a customised quote after you consult for free.

What does a private investigator cost in Melbourne to expose cheaters?

The private detective agency mentioned above offers you the most competitive prices. Every case will have its own merits that will determine the total cost of service. All in all, if you want to find out whether your partner is cheating, this service is ideal. The agency works to reveal the evidence as gathered. Therefore, you can expect value for your money. Knowing the truth is liberating and many clients are only too happy to uncover the truth. With many matrimonial matters being handled at the agency, you can make the most informed decision in your relationship.

What does a private investigator cost in Melbourne to uncover employee dishonesty?

Every employer hopes that his employee is faithful to the company. This way, optimal profits can be realised for the company. However, the reality is not always rosy. Some employees have a poor work ethic. In such cases, they may rob the company of time, property and even money. When a company wants to prove this misconduct, using a private detective agency is a small price to pay. Many companies have gathered the needed evidence to bring rogue employees to book. All this works to fully realise the potential of a company. Only proven hardworking and honest employees should be part of a thriving company.


Locate a missing person easily

Under unclear circumstances, a loved one can go missing. This heartbreaking reality can happen to any person. Hiring a private detective agency such as CSI Melbourne is critical. They will professionally dig into the matter as they look for your missing relative or friend. Some people will just want to look for old friends from the past. This agency works to reunite people for that heart-warming happy ending. Many times, a private detective is able to break the barriers and act fast to even help save the lives of missing persons.

Social media investigations

Social media has become notorious and in relationships, this is one of the biggest avenues for cheating. For comprehensive social media investigations, this agency works to provide the answers and the evidence you need. Online investigations do not just stop at unfaithful partners, cases such as custody battles will greatly benefit from the evidence obtained. Hiring this expert detective agency will certainly put your mind at ease. What does a private investigator cost in Melbourne you still ask? it all depends on the agency and the type of service you procure from them.