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Employee Investigations

Employees not following good work ethics seems to be something surprisingly common nowadays. Ranging from National Company’s to the family small business, all seem to be getting affected with employees who don’t offer the value to the company they are supposed to, or are paid for.

Having a few such employees is more than enough to take a toll on most companies’ profitability. In fact, even if you have one or two employees going against your company’s policies, it may very well lead to disastrous results.

However, sometimes, it may even be an employee who may be suffering at the hands of their employer or other employees. Issues like employee bulling, harassment (can be by both the employer and other employees), etc., too, are pretty common at many workplaces.

Similarly, employee theft, fake compensation claims, injury, stalking and more are also becoming increasingly common in workplaces, perhaps at an alarming rate.

However, regardless the issues that plague your company or your employee rights, I can find and provide you with the solution you need.

While there are actually many work place detectives out there, but you need someone who’s experienced at handling cases like these. They also need to understand employee (or employer) behavior, which probably only comes with experience, something that I can boast of having in abundance.

I’ve been around in the private investigation world for many years now, and have done many work place investigations and helped achieve a healthy work environment for both employers and employees.

I also cover modern workplace issues such as damage to intellectual property in any way, computer monitoring and forensics investigations, as well as surveillance. I actually cover a really wide range of issues, including the ones that concern employees as well, such as employee bullying or harassment, besides the typical personal injury and compensation claims, workplace theft, theft of time and more.

Now, the reason you might be in serious need of a detailed work place investigation is because due to the growing use of internet in workplaces, breach of confidentiality, harm to the business’ intellectual property as well as other things that are against the employment contract are getting increasingly common as well.

A disloyal employee can easily send the trade secrets of your business or other sensitive information to themselves or to one of your competitors, which can obviously have an adverse effect on the profitability of your business.

However, you need not worry even if you suspect something of a similar nature going on in your workplace, if you have someone with an extensive experience in investigation matters such as myself on your side.

You just need to hand over the matter to me, and I’ll take care of the rest, making sure any major threats to your business with respect to the above discussed issues are eliminated.