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Hire a private detective Clayton

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Hire a Private Detective Clayton

private detective Clayton

Our private detective Clayton services are dedicated to helping you find concrete information you need to find a missing person, prove a legal case, or handle any other issue you might be facing. Unlike what people expect, thanks to watching too much TV, our detectives don’t wear long trench coats or dark sunglasses.

What we are good at is the expertise to find the right information you need. We employ discreet tactics that often deliver the desired results. Our focus is on conducting thorough investigations, to enable you to get the right outcome within the shortest time possible.

Our private detective Clayton service focus on collaborating with the clients every step of the way. You no longer must wait for months to get the feedback you badly need. We consult our clients on regular basis and keep updating them on the investigation developments.

What are our services?

Whether you are battling a custody situation, cheating spouse, runaway teen, divorce, or need computer or cell phone forensics, our services are tailored to establish irrefutable truth about a situation.
Such services include:

  • Cheating boyfriend or girlfriend investigations.
  • Conducting background checks
  • Divorce support
  • Surveillance
  • Workplace investigations
  • Social media investigations
  • Missing person’s investigations
  • Domestic affairs

Get A private detective with the skill to solve your Problem

Sometimes, divorce cannot be avoided. With it often comes great devastation to all parties involved including children. Child custody and division of property fights often get ugly. Our investigators arm you with the right information that will help tilt the outcome to your favour and safeguards the interests of your children. Other critical moments when our services come handy are when you need to investigate infidelity or when you need help to find a runaway teen.

Private Detectives are Not Equal

With a lot at stake, you cannot just can’t trust any private investigator to carry out these investigations. At CSI Melbourne, we value our customer discretion and focus on completing the job accordingly. Our private eyes are not only well trained and experienced but are also discreet enough to avoid drawing attention to you and themselves.

Private detective Clayton Methods

Our investigators employ various legal methods to find the solution you are seeking. We are resourceful and innovative. If the circumstances deem it necessary, we collaborate with the law enforcement officers to solve a case.

Moreover, we conduct interviews and carry out surveillance to establish the facts. Though our job isn’t always fun or easy, we draw pleasure from the fact that we are improving people’s lives and at times saving them. We are also insured and licensed to protect our client’s interests.

Hire a Private Detective Clayton Now!

Most of the detectives employed at CSI Melbourne have a military or law enforcement background. This experience is critical in helping you to dig, the proof you need. We have experience in infidelity investigations, litigation issues, fraud investigations, and reporting techniques as well as. If you are not sure where to start, go ahead and call our Private Detective Clayton service; we will develop a tailored plan made just for you.

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Should I Hire a private detective Glen Waverley?

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Should I Hire a Private Detective Glen Waverley?

private detective Glen Waverley

If you are having problems in your relationship, private detective Glen Waverley recommends that talking the problem out is the best way to resolve arising concerns and issues. However, in case you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you, this is an entirely different matter. Talking is not likely to help.


A cheating spouse is likely to lie to your face to avoid being caught. At times your partner might manipulate you to thinking that you are insecure or that you are going crazy. As such, talking, in this case, will take you away further from the truth. Hiring a private detective Glen Waverley is the most effective way to catch infidelity.

Why Should You Hire a Private Detective Glen Waverley?

Private investigators have a legal license to engage in surveillance and gather information. Moreover, they understand which actions are permitted by the law. As such, a private investigator can reduce your risk and protect your interest, in case of legal proceedings such as divorce, alimony, child custody, among others.


Carrying out investigations by yourself often presents a lot of challenges. First, you are likely to damage your relationship if it turns out that your suspicions were wrong after having accused your partner of cheating. Moreover, a lot of people are unable to use the information obtained about their cheating spouses in court no matter how much incriminating it is. This is because it was obtained through the wrong methods.


On the other hand, a private detective can help minimize the chances of the evidence being thrown out of court. Additionally, the private investigator can act as a witness in court. This will make the evidence more credible and less biased.


PI’s are also trained experts in carrying investigations. When you couple this with experience and the lack of emotional attachment, you can rest assured that they will collect concrete evidence.

Challenges of Carrying Out Investigations Yourself

When you try to catch infidelity on your own, the first challenge is usually not knowing where to start. Secondly, most people find it difficult to keep calm while the process unfolds. As such, they get too emotional during the process and end up confronting their partners and hence fail to get critical evidence.

People who decide to carry their own investigations often fail because they lack, the required investigative tools and skills. PI’s have the added advantage of not only knowing how to investigate but they are also emotionally detached from the case, which means they are objective.

Let a Private Detective Glen Waverley Help

When thinking of hiring a private investigator, most people worry about the cost involved. They often forget to consider what is at stake. This may include, your wellbeing, your family’s wellbeing, and even huge financial implications in case you decide to file for a divorce. These factors make coming to CSI Melbourne for help, worth every penny. Contact us right now to hire a private detective Glen Waverley who will effectively restore your peace of mind.

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What Private Detective Ringwood Can and Can’t Do?

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What Private Detective Ringwood Can and Can't Do?

private detective Ringwood

If you speak to our private detective Ringwood personnel, you might get to have a clear picture of what they can do and what they can’t. They are also likely to bust a lot of myths surrounding private investigation work. These myths have been mainly propagated by movies, where the end justifies the means for private investigators (PI’s). However, in real life situations, private investigators must abide by the law when carrying out investigations. Here is what a PI can and can’t do.

Can a private detective Ringwood Break the Law?

When it comes to obeying the law, a private detective is no different from a teacher, a nurse, or a lawyer, or any other profession. Though they might use unconventional methods to do their job, they always work within the law. Licensing bodies also dictate their conduct when carrying out investigations. For instance, a private detective cannot impersonate a law enforcement officer and is obliged to turn down a case in case a client requires them to break the law.

Can a Private Detective Ringwood Follow Someone?

This falls under surveillance which is what Private Detective Ringwood do most of the time. So, the simple answer to that question is yes. If the private investigator works within the law, surveillance is legal. It mainly entails closely monitoring the actions, interactions, persons, locations, and activities an individual is involved in. However, private detectives can only carry out surveillance on the public domain, which mainly involves following the subjects and stakeouts.

Are PI’s allowed to record or take photos of the subject?

As long as, it is in the public domain, such as in a restaurant or on the streets, this is allowed. Part of private of the private detective’s job is to gather evidence. The best way to do this at times is, recording videos and audio, and taking pictures.

Is private detective Ringwood allowed entry to private property?

The law does not allow private investigators to trespass on private property. Understand that, private investigators have the rights and privileges of just a private citizen. PI’s are also not allowed to take pictures, of their subjects inside their residence. Even if you have a camera that can peek through windows from a distance, this would be considered as trespassing. However, the private detective can interview the subject in their private residence.

Is a private detective allowed to hack into the subject’s gadgets?

A common request we get from our clients at CSI Melbourne is to hack a subject’s email account, social media account, phone, computer, among others. This idea is mainly drawn from the movies, which is usually illegal. As such, even if private investigators know how to hack a phone or computer to access texts, emails or any other data, they cannot legally do that.

How can CSI Melbourne Help?

From the above information, most clients do not know what to expect when hiring a private investigator. We can effectively help you get to the bottom of the matter whether to catch a cheating spouse, carry out workplace investigations or even to find a missing person. The bottom line is that we use legal surveillance methods, to gather evidence that is admissible in court. Get in touch with private detective Ringwood right now, so that we can discuss your needs.

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Common Issues Handled by Expert Private Detective Southbank Agencies

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Common Issues Handled by Expert Private Detective Southbank Agencies

Private Detective Southbank

Private detective Southbank agencies are many. However, you should only consider those that work professionally. Therefore, you should be looking for expert PI services that have been proven. A great place in Southbank is CSI Melbourne. These are professional all-female private investigators. They handle all manner of issues to cater to a wide selection of needs. If you are wondering what the most common issues are, the following article will uncover some relevant information for you. Above all, hiring the service of a good PI can only put your mind to rest.


Private detective Southbank agencies handle many domestic affairs cases


It is not a secret that marriages, relationships, and homes face a fair share of troubles. These problems are not unique to any location. To this end, many PI agencies like CSI Melbourne are faced with sizable cases on domestic affairs. Many will seek to find out whether their partner is involved in an activity that may harm the relationship or the family. Issues like an addition to drugs and alcohol can be unraveled this way. Also, theft and fraud also fall under domestic affairs. Whenever you have raw suspicion, there are high chances of confirming the same. However, it is fair to say that not all people who are investigated will be found culpable. All in all, if you have a similar problem, worrying yourself to depression will not help you. Take action and find answers; you will protect your family.


Private detective Southbank services deal with matrimonial issues


Matrimonial issues mainly involve partners who are involved romantically. Indeed, we are living in challenging times and cheating on your spouse has been made even easier. With the advent of social media and the like, this problem is rampant. If you are in a marriage or love relationship, it is only fair to know whether your partner is cheating or not. It can be heartbreaking if you confirm your fears. However, this is where healing starts. Some people who are investigated will be found not guilty of cheating. This is certainly one of the most sought-after PI services in Southbank. CSI Melbourne has great expertise and experience in unearthing the truth for you.


Cases of missing persons


People can go missing voluntarily or involuntarily. When your loved one is nowhere to be found, this is a very serious situation. Many PI firms will be recruited into the matter. Still, in the category of missing persons, you may be in search of a long lost friend or family member. A person whom you have not heard from for years. Agencies like CSI Melbourne will help reunite you with your missing person.


Social media investigations


This is another common issue that is tackled by PI services. As hinted to above, social media activity has been used maliciously to cause harm to others. Many are cheating on their partners this way as well. If you have a suspicion, a private investigator will help you. CSI Melbourne is highly experienced to undertake expert social media investigations. This private detective Southbank service is, therefore, worth your while.


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How to Identify the Right Private Detective Seddon Agency

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How to Identify the Right Private Detective Seddon Agency

Private Detective Seddon Agency

Choosing a private detective Seddon service can be a daunting task. This is even harder if you are scouting for a PI agency for the very first time. This is because you want to choose the very best agency that will solve your problem. There are many agencies in and around Seddon, and some due diligence will go a long way. For you to arrive at the ideal service, there are several considerations. First, look at the type of issue you are facing. Are you looking to have your partner investigated for cheating for example? You may also be looking to find a missing person. Therefore, know what you want first and then consider the tips below.

The private detective Seddon service must be licensed and insured

It does not really matter how brilliant an agency is if they are not licensed and insured. You do not want to hire a private detective who is operating illegally. As a client, it is your job to demand that you see the evidence where licensing is concerned. Also, an insured service minimises the possible risks. CSI Melbourne is a private detective agency that was founded by Alexandra Debray. This all-female detective company is properly licensed and insured to serve you accordingly.

A private detective Seddon agency must work with the utmost discretion

When you have an issue that needs answers, you need a service that is discreet. This will effectively reduce your risk of victimisation. The very heart of private detective work is to keep things under wraps. Your safety really matters and how your case is handled can demonstrate discretion or otherwise. When you are interrogating various services, ask about how they implement discretion. At CSI Melbourne, you can be sure that your case is handled privately before, during and after the answers have been found. Professional services work this way.

Choose an experienced service

CSI Melbourne as mentioned above was founded by Ms. Debray. She has many years of experience starting from her French military background. She has handled all manner of cases over the years and many clients do not hesitate to review her services. You will, therefore, find many positive reviews. Experience and expertise are responsible for the high-quality service she and her team deliver to clients. Also, the agency is an all-female service bringing in an interesting angle. With utmost empathy and attention to detail, this agency stands out.

Choose a versatile detective agency

A flexible PI firm is one that tackles a myriad of services effectively. For example, CSI Melbourne undertakes investigations on domestic affairs, matrimonial matters, social, media, workplace problems, surveillance, phone data extraction and more. To this end, this is a one-stop PI agency in Seddon. You will also be happy to note that this is a service that does not cost an arm or a leg. Start by trying out the free consultation. Then, based on the nature of your case, you will get a customised quote that suits you. With all the above, you should choose the ideal private detective Seddon agency.

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Top Reasons to Hire a Private Detective in Footscray

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Top Reasons to Hire a Private Detective in Footscray

Private Detective in Footscray

Private detective Footscray agencies can assist you in a big way. We live in a world that is not perfect, to say the least. In essence, there are people around you who can let you down and hurt you greatly. From your romantic partner to your employee or work colleague, there are many issues that may crop up. When you suspect something fishy, it is always wise to follow your gut instinct. Broken trust is best seen through sustained suspicion. However, we all know that you can never anchor or verify your suspicion without solid evidence. To this end, a good private detective in Footscray will help. CSI Melbourne is a great agency to consider. Below are the top reasons why you will need these PI services.

A private detective Footscray service can help you locate a missing person

If you have a case of a missing person, you should never hesitate to talk to a private detective. The life of your loved one may depend on it. If you just wish to locate an old friend, you can also hire these services. Many people have been reunited with their lost friends and relatives this way. At CSI Melbourne, they have been offering this service for a long time. Cases of missing persons can be very complicated. However, because of their expertise and experience, clients will find the right answers.

A private detective Footscray agency can help unravel workplace problems

Do you have an employee? This could centre on stolen items or a general malicious action that is hard to pinpoint. Through expert investigations, CSI Melbourne will get to the root of the matter. Some people in the workplace present with all manner of issues. From laziness to theft and destruction of property, get to know those you can trust. Indeed, your business will stand to save both money and time when you purge the wrong people.

Find out whether your partner is cheating on you

Issues of broken trust in marriages and relationships are rampant in the modern world. Many people will lie through their teeth and you may never know where the truth lies. Thankfully, PI services can reduce your heartache to uncover the truth. Even in cases where cheating is confirmed, the people involved are able to move on and find some form of closure. At CSI Melbourne, your matrimonial matters are taken seriously. This agency is empathetic and helpful every step of the way. If your partner is cheating on you, you will get the evidence you are looking for.

Unearth social media secrets of your partner

Social media has brought another dimension where cheating and even crime is concerned. People can effectively lie about their actions while hurting those they target. The good news is that agencies like CSI Melbourne have the right tools to undertake effective social media investigations. You are able to unravel the true character and intentions of your partner or the person being investigated. If you want some surveillance done, this agency is up to the task as well. There are many reasons to consider professional private detective Footscray services.

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Private Detective Prices and What You Should Know

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Private Detective Prices and What You
Should Know

Private Detective Prices and What You Should Know

Private detective prices are dynamic, to say the least. This means that there is no fixed rate for all projects. To this end, there are many factors that will inform the overall costs of PI services. Having said this, arming yourself with the right information is the way to go. This way, you can learn how to identify realistic prices. It is good to first recognise that many places in Australia play host to rogue private detectives. In this regard, your first task is to find professional detectives working legally in your location. The professionals must be licensed by the local authorities and you must verify the same. In addition, insurance cover for public liability is critical. The following factors will determine the price of a PI.


Private detective prices will depend on the nature of your case

When you decide to hire the services of a PI, you want to unearth some truth. It could be a case of suspected fraud, domestic affairs, cheating, workplace problems, missing persons and more. Some cases are more difficult than others; in this respect, the harder the case, the more the expenses. If you have cases of social media investigation that are resolved quickly, you are more likely to pay less. Therefore, a detective agency will first and foremost assess your case. This is the only sure way to give you a suitable quote. At CSI Melbourne, you can try a free consultation first. You will then be guided on the way forward taking into account the merits and needs of your case.


Private detective prices will be determined by the type of agency you choose

All detective agencies are not equal. They work with various costing policies and it is upon you to choose what works for you. Some established PI agencies will quote an amount promising full value for money. Others may have very cheap rates with no satisfactory work experience. It is important to consider the service they are offering first. For example, how many hours will they put into the investigation and how many detectives will be working on the case. Many cases will also need background checks and database inquiries and all this work will go into resolving your case. Choosing a professional agency like CSI Melbourne is critical. They work professionally accounting for every coin your spend.


Choose a private detective agency with excellent reviews

Client reviews about an agency can inform you about the type of detective service you need. Look at the rating and consider what people are saying about the detective firm. Some detective firms do not have any review or testimonial from clients. This is usually a red alert. CSI Melbourne has a list of satisfied clients and you can check the testimonials online. When you land on an agency that works professionally, the main focus will be on delivering results.


Hidden costs can inflate prices

During investigations, some unexpected expenses may come up. Therefore, interrogate the detective agency you choose about the hidden costs and what to expect. This way, you will not be surprised with extra expenses on top of the original quote. Private detective prices should be fair so that you can uncover the much-needed truth in your case.

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What can a Private Detective South Yarra Service do for You?

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What can a Private Detective in South Yarra do for You?

private detective South Yarra service

A trusted private detective South Yarra service can do so much for you. There are many challenges to resolve in relationships, workplaces; among others. In South Yarra, you can hire a private detective who is professional to get to the bottom of your problem. Problems are indeed many and most times, some issues will resolve naturally. However, a private investigator will need to come in when you are facing distress or potential distress. In many cases, not taking proactive steps can lead to life-altering consequences. For example, if you have a person who is missing, there is a great urgency to get all the help you need. This article explores what a seasoned private investigator can do for you.

A private detective South Yarra service will help uncover evidence

Through surveillance services, a good agency will help provide the needed evidence so that you can prove your case. It may be a court case or simply suspicion about a person close to you. Through proper surveillance, people who feel threatened will find the right answers. Some people may notice somebody following them at home and even at work. This sense of danger should never be ignored. Through a private investigator, you will be able to know whether you are in danger and why. When you are in need of quality surveillance services in South Yarra, do not hesitate to contact CSI Melbourne. This is a highly-rated agency that has helped many people over the years.

A private detective South Yarra agency will help in online investigations

In the digital world, there are so many wrong things that go on under our noses. Your partner could be having an online affair while keeping it hidden perfectly. Also, somebody could be using social media to discredit of mislead others. If you have a custody battle or a court case, social media activities can help provide a way forward in your favour. Therefore, social media investigations have become very popular in recent years. CSI Melbourne is well equipped and experienced in undertaking online investigations per excellence. They use the right tools while following all legal requirements to make sure that you get the most accurate information.

Domestic affairs investigations

People face all manner of domestic issues. As often seen in the news, some of the issues have fatal consequences. Therefore, if your family members have become suspicious, ignoring can only make it worse. The problem could be infidelity, drug use, abuse, and even fraud. Like with all cases, domestic affairs need a high level of discreetness so that the truth can be unravelled. In this case, you only need people who are experienced and able to take on the challenge. When you choose the right private investigator, your mind will rest easy.

Find a missing person

Have you lost contact with an old friend or family member? As a layperson, it can be hard to trace these people. A private investigator will simplify your problem by finding and tracking these people. Those who have been kidnapped or have decided to run away can also be tracked professionally this way. Therefore, quality private detective South Yarra services are invaluable.

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Pointers to Choose the Right Private Detective in South Kingsville

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Pointers to Choose the Right Private Detective in South Kingsville

private detective South Kingsville services

At some point, you may require private detective South Kingsville services. More and more people are looking in this direction to help resolve personal problems; among others. When you decide you need a private eye’s help, you are most likely looking for answers. It could be a suspected cheating spouse, a sneaky employee or even a missing person. In such cases, your choice of a private investigator will determine how well you get what you need. In other words, not all private investigators are worth your while. You must choose wisely. When in South Kingsville, there are many good choices including CSI Melbourne. Below are critical pointers when choosing.

The private detective South Kingsville agency must be licensed

You should never choose a private detective who is not licensed to operate. In fact, the agency must be accredited to offer quality services. This means that they will have met the statutory requirements for professional qualifications and experience. The first thing to interrogate is whether the professional is licensed. Then, do not just take their word for it; you must see some evidence to confirm the same. CSI Melbourne’s all-female private investigators are duly licensed and accredited to operate in Melbourne. They follow all legal requirements while performing their duties. There are certainly ethical issues that crop up in the private detective profession, and a fully trained and experienced expert can navigate these issues better.

A private detective South Kingsville agency must offer a variety of services

A detective who can tackle a variety of issues is best placed to cater to your problem. Therefore, choose a versatile agency with detectives who have proven credentials. At CSI Melbourne, you can expect a host of services. They include surveillance, matrimonial matters, missing persons, domestic affairs, workplace investigations, social media investigations and more. To this end, this is a one-stop agency that is most likely to take up your issue and find a solution. Only highly trained and experienced private detectives can offer a variety of services in a professional manner.

Choose outstanding and passionate private detectives

CSI Melbourne is outstanding, to say the least. It was founded by a woman and consists of an all-female private detective team. More specifically, founder Alexandra Debray is a passionate lady who knows the dynamics of being female in a male-dominated industry. Her compassion and caring approach to cases will be unmistakable. Many clients who have used her agency have very passive things to say. Be sure to look at the reviews. This agency stands out from the rest owing to the team’s dedication and the eye for details.

Consider an agency that fits your pocket

Whenever you spend money on private investigations, look for value. This, therefore, means that a cheap service with dismal results is not worth it. Look for an agency that will create a clear plan for your case while charging fairly with no hidden costs. Compare various agencies and choose one that really works for you. At CSI Melbourne, you can try a free consultation with no obligations. This private detective South Kingsville service is also affordable and is value for money.

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When do You Need Private Detective Services in Caulfield South?

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When do You Need Private Detective Services in Caulfield South?

private detective Caulfield South services

There comes a time when you need private detective Caulfield South services. In fact, many people who have never used such services may need to look at the merits. Life is far from perfect and these services help safeguard what you hold dear to you. From families to workplaces and missing persons, there are times when you will need a good private detective agency. Before looking at when you should hire the agency, it is critical to do first things first. Before hiring, due diligence is always best. Look at your options and compare. In Caulfield South, CSI Melbourne is the most outstanding agency to use. This all-female detective agency will get to the core of your matter in the most discreet way. They are also duly licensed to operate.

A private detective Caulfield South service will help unravel domestic issues

In families, there are many domestic issues that crop up. Many of these issues can put your wellness and livelihood at risk. For example, if you have a partner who is hiding an addiction, this may not end well. Also, cases of suspected theft and fraud can only be resolved with evidence. A private detective agency will come in and help you get to the heart of the matter. This way, you can keep your family safe and avoid monetary loss and even death. A qualified domestic affairs investigator from CSI Melbourne will assist you every step of the way.

A private detective Caulfield South agency will help pin a cheating partner

Do you have a spouse or partner whom you suspect to be cheating on you? Unfortunately, many people in relationships are victims of infidelity. This rot has affected society in a big way and getting the hard truth helps find healing. A detective will work discreetly with you to find out whether your partner is cheating or not. CSI Melbourne and the team have years of experience in getting the evidence that is needed. When you learn the truth, it is easy to move on and to find happiness; free from lies as desired. In most cases, clients can have closure on the matter; thanks to the facts.

Workplace issues

If you have employees you cannot seem to trust, it is critical to take the right measures to learn the truth. Workplace surveillance helps reveal the truth and unmask various characters accordingly. This way, businesses can save money and hire people whom they can trust. CSI Melbourne detectives employ cutting-edge tools and techniques to get to the bottom of every matter in the workplace. Rest assured that you will find out exactly what is going on.

Find a missing person

If you have a missing person, these services are critical. A person who is kidnapped must be found fast because their lives could depend on it. Others will be looking to reunite with old friends and family members. You can trust CSI Melbourne to dig deep and find the person you are looking for. There are many other services offered by this agency. At the end of the day, your life will be better thanks to professional private detective Caulfield South services.

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