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6 Domestic Investigation Strategies for Every Private Detective

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6 Parts Of A Domestic Investigation That Every Private Detective Should Utilize

An image of a girl sitting and looks suffered and scared on a man that maltreating her bad, which this man is one of her family.

If you are currently experiencing problems like abuse, fraud, or theft, you might want to get some help from an investigator and have them conduct a domestic investigation to solve your case. A domestic investigation involves different individuals and the legal problems they are facing at home. To resolve these issues, domestic investigations feature different types of inspections. These can then be used by a domestic private detective to solve any particular case. This can depend, however, on the situation they are involved in.

Listed below are six of the most common types of domestic investigation that a private investigator could use. Keep in mind that these types will depend on the case in which the person is involved.

Domestic Surveillance

If you are planning to be away from home for quite a while, installing surveillance equipment like hidden cameras or audio devices will help monitor your property and your loved ones while you’re away. Also, the photographs, video footage, or audio file that are recorded while you were out can be used as reliable evidence in court if a crime is committed within your property.

Background checks

Before you allow someone into your home, private investigators can conduct a background check to see if whether or not that person is clean and trustworthy. A comprehensive background check will look into the person’s criminal record, employment history, educational background, civil records, references, and more. This investigation will ensure that the people entering your house will not cause any trouble.

Undercover/Covert Operations

Are you suspecting your spouse to be cheating on you? Do you have a hunch that someone is using illegal substances in your home? If you are, and you want to get to the bottom of things, hire a domestic investigator now. Instead of you going undercover, these people will do it for your convenience. Domestic investigators are well-experienced in gathering information and evidence without being seen or noticed. In addition, they are also fully aware of the legal implications of conducting this type of investigation.

Computer Forensics

Most of the time, the evidence you are looking for to ultimately prove your case is on a computer or a cellphone. A domestic investigator can help you by conducting a computer forensics investigation. By doing so, they are able to collect emails or text messages, and even deleted files that are relevant to the case.

Public Records & Information Research

This investigation is most useful if you are under the following circumstances:

  • Someone is trying to blackmail you
  • You are getting stalked.
  • You need to file a restraining order.

A domestic investigator can conduct a public records investigation and find any relevant documents with valuable information. This can include criminal records, family background, and even current or previous residence. Public records and information research is a bit similar to a background check, but is more extensive, requires more effort, and will involve a lot more resources.

Finding A Missing Person

Are you looking for someone? Whatever your reason might be, whether it be because they are no longer providing child support, or you are in need of a process server, a domestic investigator can conduct a missing persons investigation for your convenience.


The domestic investigation revolves around protecting your home and your loved ones. If you are worried about the safety of your possessions of your loved ones, whatever reason it might be, a domestic investigation has all the possible detective investigation services. Hire a private investigator now! These people will be able to present evidence of any wrongdoing and work to prevent the same crime in the future.

Essential Tools for Online Private Investigations

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Three Basic Essential Tools For Proper Online Private Investigations

A back view image of a man that working on his office with a computer, that has an image of a magnifying glass and a globe.


The method for conducting an investigation — along with how crimes are being made —  has drastically changed over the years. Today, private investigations have completely changed due to one particular aspect. With the inclusion of the cyberspace into the equation, private investigations have changed, paving the way for a whole new method of investigation to be employed: Social Media.

The Impact of Social Media

Social media has created new new challenges that has altered how the investigations landscape is taking place. The current generation now features cybercrime and cyber abuse that are existing in many cases. Social media can be used by people to cause harm and danger, creating issues that can overwhelm both the victim and everyone related to them. However, on the other end, social media can also become an important tool in solving these problems. 

3 Basic Tools for Online Investigations

As a private investigations agency, bringing justice and restitution to the victim by capturing a criminal is critical. That is why in this article, we are going to share three online investigation tools that will be useful in your current and future investigations. These tools are the very basics when it comes to conducting online investigations and will play an important part in getting things done in solving the case.

 The main reason for relaying these base-level tools is to inform and educate some private investigators who have yet to master and familiarize the online world, or are even aware that these resource tools actually exist. Though the Australian police force is well-trained and always informed about online investigation services and tools, some police officers around the world still lack the necessary skills to make use of digital investigation practices.

Google Reverse Image Search

This tool is for the management and identification of fake accounts. The image media has been widely used these days. It is utilized mostly around the web and on every social media network. Images are used from Facebook Profile to a Twitter account. Most fake accounts feature stolen pictures to make it look authentic and original. To make sure that the image of a particular profile account you are viewing is legitimate, make use of the Google Reverse Image Search Tool. Using this tool will enable any other image that is similar or closely related be shown and displayed from all over the web.

Facebook Search

Because Facebook is continually changing their search parameters, finding people is now much easier since anyone online can be found. The most effective resource tool for finding people is Facebook Search. There are guides online that will help you in your search, along with giving knowledge of how Facebook Search works, and finally, finding and determining post keywords.

Spokeo – Social Media Tool

Private investigators should be aware that people who engage in online activities leave tracks and connections to other people that they can absolutely take advantage of. Utilizing a social media tool like Spokeo can bring relationships and people together. Spokeo behaves similarly to that of a search engine. It works to locate phone numbers, addresses, and photos. With the use of online and offline sources, it can identify any person you wish to find online.



The frontline police force needs all the help they can get to effectively manage the job of protecting people in the streets and online. These three tools serve as the very basics for conducting an online investigation. Some police members and private investigators still need skills to effectively conduct a private investigation. Let’s just hope this will finally be the year where online investigation gets prioritized a lot more.

Need to Hire Private Investigator to Find Someone that is Missing

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Looking For A Missing Person? Hire A Private Missing Persons Investigator Now

An image of a paper puzzle that almost complete with the last piece of a puzzle that has an image of a woman, with a hand holding a magnifying glass trying to search the puzzle paper.

 You read the title right missing person investigators are actually a thing. However, a lot of people are curious as to why you’d have to hire one when you can just call the police and be done with it. While it is true that finding a missing person is a job for the authority of the law, you’d soon realize that hiring the police is pretty disappointing. You might feel relieved at first, knowing that the police are on it, you’d soon find yourself waiting for weeks without any update from them. According to the Private Detectives of Melbourne, you really can’t rely much on the police to get the job done, which is why you will need the services of a private missing person investigator.

According to the North American Investigations, there are roughly 600,000 reported cases of missing people per year in the United States alone. Almost half of those cases, however, are quickly resolved due to simple reasons:

  • They were actually on a trip.
  • They wanted to get a breather from everyone
  • They lost their way home during a trip
  • They just didn’t want to tell people where they are
  • They lost their phones and was unable to contact anyone.

Oftentimes the person who was missing was safe and was never really in any sort of danger, and the people who reported them missing were just hysterical about their sudden disappearance.

Why Choose A Private Missing Persons Investigator?

Because of these false-alarm scenarios, the police really don’t take a missing person’s case that seriously, and a lot of times these cases are resolved without them even doing anything. Authorities are already used to facing and dealing with panicking people. Aside from that, their tables are also full of other unsolved cases that also require their attention. So you can’t really rely on them to do much to find your missing relative. All you can really do is wait for them to finally show up on their own (if they do).

When someone you know is missing, instead of going directly to the police station, hire a private missing person investigator. Unlike the police, these investigators will spend most of their time exclusively trying to solve your case, and as long as you avail their services, they will continue to search diligently for the missing person.

Private investigators can even go to much more in-depth lengths of investigation than a typical police officer to search for that missing person. As a matter of fact, the police are limited in terms of their range of search. If the missing person is in another city, state, or country, the police are no longer able to search for them without collaborating with the police department of the specified place that the missing person is suspected to be in. Interagency cooperation needs to be established first before investigations can legally continue. With a missing person investigator, however, investigation will continue without any hindrances.

Other Reasons For Hiring A Private Missing Person Investigator

Finally, the most important reason why you should hire a private missing person investigator is for assurance that there will be no criminal wrongdoing in effect. For instance, you are looking for a long lost friend or a family member whom you haven’t heard of for a while. Other cases would include looking for someone who is intentionally trying their best to avoid you. However, their acts require a full legal right to do so, like an estranged brother or sister, or an adult son or daughter who has moved away from home.


No matter what the reason is, a private investigator is the ideal choice when you really want to find someone. This article serves not to ruin the reputation of the police force, who is doing a phenomenal job at solving other cases and maintaining the peace of their community. Instead, this article serves to inform people that there is a better alternative for finding a missing person. That option is hiring a private missing person investigator and letting them find that missing person for you.

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Employers Need Workplace Investigator to Avoid Problems & Issues at the Office

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Why Employers Need To Conduct Workplace Investigation

man holding a magnifying glass on his right hand and a tablet on a left hand.


For every employer, the perfect scenario would be hiring honest, drug-free, and loyal employees who are committed to work for them. They don’t have to conduct any workplace investigation since they are already hiring quality people who not only get the job done, but also leave all of their unwanted personalities at home. However, that’s not how the real world works — there is no such thing as a “perfect” scenario. In the actual situation, employees are going to work while carrying all of their problems with them. Whether it’s stress or too much media, employees all bear issues that can cause conflicts in the workplace. With that being the case, employers are obliged to point the blame, give justice, and maintain a peaceful workplace.


Why Conduct Workplace Investigation

Employees are facing various problems. These can come in different sizes and forms like debts, sexual complaints, accidents happening within the workplace, and employees getting sabotaged by their fellow workers. What’s worse is when problems like these occur, they are usually delineated inaccurately, which leads to them being resolved in an unfair manner. They commonly reach supervisors through rigged reports.


Other Factors To Consider

Because workplace conflicts can have personal implications to the involved employees, their individual opinions need to be expressed. We should also be aware that since these disputes can affect their livelihood, it can potentially lead them to lie and tamper their statements. From these accounts, employers have a pressing task of investigating and finding out the root of the conflict.


There’s No Magical Pill

It’s important to know that there is no fast and easy way for conducting workplace investigations. These cases vary depending on the issue and the employees involved. In some cases, conflicts can be resolved in a heartbeat. But most of the time, it takes a broad and intricate investigation to land a true and just conclusion.


Document Everything

When conducting a workplace investigation, employers must also document the entire case. Examining records of employee incidents and behavior can also be part of the investigation. Documenting witness interviews during the whole process will also be a necessity. Documenting a workplace investigation is not just any kind of documentation. It is a vital process in conducting a workplace investigation properly. Once the investigation has reached a conclusion, employers will then need to compile the entire documentation and place it for reviewing in current and future cases.



Workplace Investigation Risks

Keep in mind that a workplace investigation can have risks that need to be raised. It can involve the following:


Shoddy Investigation

An inferior investigation can worsen the issue instead of fixing it. It can raise questions on the certainty of the results, as well as cast doubts about the employer’s commitment on fair treatment and the resolution of workplace disputes.


Unfavorable Investigation Result

The result of the workplace investigation can be a potential risk – the investigation might uncover something that can be unfavorable for the employer and the workplace. For instance, it might show results that a high-performing employee has made a serious offense that requires an immediate termination, or systematic problems that might alter how the entire workplace operates moving forward.




Employers’ Obligations

 The bottom line of a workplace investigation is if a case is investigated, which uncovers a severe problem, employers are obliged to either act right away and correct any employee that has committed an offense, or otherwise provide legal improprieties. Either way, despite its flaws, a workplace investigation is vital towards the resolution of any dispute that can happen in the workplace.